We are experts at buy side advisory. This expertise doesn’t come from transaction experience but from building businesses and legacies. We offer our clients experience and insight that can only come from running companies, investing in companies and serving on boards. 

From one acquisition to ongoing mandates, we love helping businesses grow. Our dedicated, research- driven process allows us to source target companies across the globe. We understand how acquisitions fit into a broader growth strategy and don’t just think about it as another deal.

At Cascade Partners, strategy drives deals. We do not allow the deal to drive the strategy.

Our team has helped build and grow a variety of companies through acquisitions. We work with our clients to determine their acquisition goals, whether they want to grow to prepare for a sale, strategically expand their business or invest available capital. Once we have determined the objectives and crafted a strategy, we source potential target companies to meet the needs of our client partners.

Our Outsourced Corporate Development team allows you to focus on running the business while we focus on the minutia of getting the deal done. Whether you need assistance in sourcing companies to fulfill an existing strategy or in developing the strategy, we can help. Building a business is a full-time job and so is developing acquisition candidates. Most companies aren’t staffed to do both. We let the operators operate while we cultivate the acquisitions.

Our proactive approach starts with setting strategic priorities and research. Starting with your company. We work with you to help you sell your organization before you buy theirs.

Our senior-level team directly engages with businesses, many of which have not thought about selling prior to our call, letting opportunity, not an auction, drive the process. We build a pipeline of strong relationships with potential sellers to increase the likelihood of a successful transaction, speaking from business owner to business owner, not junior analyst to senior executive. And we continuously expand the pipeline of potential opportunities and run parallel processes on multiple deals.

Finally, we leverage our experience as investors and operators to position the opportunity and realize value for both the buyer and seller. We are your independent advisor that can do the hard negotiating without our clients losing any goodwill that they need for the future.

Our extensive experience goes well beyond the deal and we work with you to secure financing that is in line with your goals and furthering your strategy.

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