Rajesh Kothari quoted in Crain's article about Accumen Acquisition

Jay Greene of Crain's Detroit spoke with Rajesh Kothari, Managing Director at Cascade Partners about Accumen's acquisition of Ann Arbor-based Chi Solutions. See what Rajesh had to say below or click on this link to read the full article.

Rajesh Kothari, managing director with Southfield-based Cascade Partners LLC, said Accumen's business model is similar to other industries such as energy and equipment management, but it is only starting to be tried in health care.

“These programs work very well because it creates alignment between the vendor and the customer. If the customer saves money, then the vendor makes money,” Kothari said. “They can’t just make a recommendation and hope it works. They are incentivized to make it work. Accumen is looking at this acquisition as a way to capture more of the value they are providing with Chi’s programs, expertise and insight into this business model.”