Murray Feldman Covers Healthcare M&A Trend with Cascade's Rajesh Kothari

You can read the transcript below or listen to the report that ran on WWJ Radio on March 27 at 6:23am. 

Feldman Report Transcript:  Cascade Partners


March 27, 2017 6:23 a.m.

ANCHOR MURRAY FELDMAN:  The time is 6:23.  Companies are looking to invest in your doctor’s office.  I’m Murray Feldman with the Feldman Report on WWJ News Radio 950. 

Cascade Partners of Southfield has just helped Grand Rapids Ophthalmology partner up with a Chicago-based private equity firm, Sterling Partners. 

That’s just part of a big story. 

Raj Kothari at Cascade says Sterling Partners will bring business skills and consumer marketing skills to the Michigan operation so that doctors can just focus on being doctors.  The doctors will still own part of the company. 

These partnerships are happening in all medical fields.  In fact, Raj Kothari has done three of them and expects many more.  Four hundred deals have taken place around the country.  Twenty private equity firms are looking right now for eye care practices to buy into.  And if this hasn’t come to a doctor’s office you’re using, chances are it will. 

As Raj Kothari contends, the field of medicine is getting too complicated for doctors to manage the practices on their own, so they’ll partner up with business folks to run the business and they’ll run the medical part.  With the Feldman Report, I’m Murray Feldman, WWJ.