CGP is not comprised of a bunch of financial engineers that just walked off of Wall Street. These are people who have been operating and building companies for decades, they know how to fix real world problems.
— Tobias Buck - Operating Partner

Unlike most investment banks, consummating the “deal” isn’t the focal point of our banking platform.  It is undeniably the most alluring and talked about moment in any banking arrangement, however, those that are fixated on the “close” place client-value at risk.   

Cascade spends an inordinate amount of time anticipating (and subsequently addressing) any obstacles that may de-rail the banking process.  This not only increases the likelihood of “closing”, it also lends itself to better terms and more satisfied clients. We also don’t abandon you after a deal has been inked. Post close commitment is not common in banking, but it is something that is extremely important to us.   

We also embrace the individuality of our clients.  One size doesn’t fit all.  We are extremely strategic in who we approach and the solutions we recommend.  Again, it is not about the “transaction”, it is about doing the best “deal” possible.  Anything less is a compromise we are unwilling to make. 

Having served on over 40 boards and been operating executives, Cascade Partners brings Wall Street, Main Street and C Suite experience to bear.  If you are looking for help with a refinancing, are in need of debt, require advice on an acquisition, are searching for a joint venture partner, are looking to divest some assets, or are looking to align with an outsourced corporate development team, we encourage you to connect.  Very few investment banks can add value across multiple points of a deal in the same way we can.