Our experience as operators and investors provides unique perspectives not found at other firms. We know what buyers are looking for and are able to strengthen and emphasize the right features to the right prospects to maximize value.

Many people are unsure about how to proceed when seeking to realize the value of their family business, spin off a company from their portfolio or exit a business entirely. We present unbiased solutions that reflect the unique and specific needs of each of our client partners.

Our clients include privately held companies, publicly traded corporations and private equity firms. We recognize for many closely held businesses, the economic value of a deal is only one critical aspect. Preservation of a firm’s legacy, the well-being of their staff and commitment to a community may be important as well.

Our experience as buyers and investors allows us to market our clients and foresee all potential issues and opportunities throughout the process, ensuring a successful outcome.

We put our clients first and don’t just leverage relationships based on past experience to find the right acquirers. Our research-driven process begins with examining our client partners to identify their unique points of value, operating position or market position. We research current buyers focusing on what they find important. We find potential acquirers who can benefit from a strategic acquisition.  We do this to maximize value for our partners in today’s market.

Like most investment banking firms, we can define the options available to our clients. However, our experience takes us beyond defining options to presenting implications and what those mean to shareholders, the management team and employees after the transaction.